Finding Solutions for Product Launch Emergencies

RMI-Solves-ChallengesOur customer, a tier 1 automotive supplier was in the midst of launching a new program. The customer’s current design failed when performing a safety pull test on an assembly that included one of our parts. The customer considered adding a more costly and time-consuming weld operation.

However, asking for a program time extension was out of the question and putting the part through an extensive engineering change process to correct the problem wasn’t feasible this late in the game. With only a week before the program was due to launch into full production, time was of the essence.

187790911-SolutionRives Manufacturing quickly assembled a team to address the problem and create a plan of attack.  Without engineering drawings or a change request from our customer, RMI’s Engineering, Quality, Production and Sales departments worked together to redesign, retool, schedule, and produce a new product concept.

187790911-ResultWithin 24 hours, RMI redesigned, tooled, and produced emergency prototypes, then hand delivered them to the customer.  Upon receipt, the customer performed a successful safety pull test with the RMI emergency prototype part and assembly.
RMI’s experience, team effort, and dedication to our customer’s success saved them from paying tens of thousands of dollars in penalties by not shutting down a major automotive assembly line and the costly resources required to increase the supply chain.